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By placing an order with Veracle Solutions Limited (the “Company”, “we” or “us”), you the client (the company or individual requesting the services of Veracle Solutions Limited) confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below. All new web design and development require an initial deposit as stated by us before any work will be carried out. Estimates sent by us for web design and development are based on features requested by you as at the time of placing your request. As such any unmentioned feature or function that is requested by the client while the work is ongoing or after it is completed may attract extra charges. Web design and development work are deemed completed when the website or work is made available to the general public. All outstanding payments must be completed before the website goes live. Failure to make payments for periodic services (such as Hosting, Domain renewal etc.), as at when due, puts a client’s account at risk of suspension or termination of service entirely. Veracle Solutions Limited cannot take responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials submitted by the client. We reserve the right to refuse any material of a copyrighted nature unless adequate proof is given of permission to use such material. While we shall work to meet agreed deadlines, we realize that for unforeseen circumstances deadlines may not always be met by us. Veracle Solutions Limited will not be liable for costs incurred, compensation or loss of earnings due to the failure to meet agreed deadlines. Whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure that the website and any scripts or programs are free of errors, Veracle Solutions Limited cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred due to malfunction, the website or any part of it. You acknowledge that the service provided is of such a nature that service can be interrupted for many reasons other than the negligence of the Company and that damages resulting from any interruption of service are difficult to ascertain. Therefore, you agree that we shall not be liable for any damages arising from such causes beyond the direct and exclusive control of the Company. You further acknowledge that the Company’s liability for its own negligence may not in any event exceed an amount equivalent to charges payable by you for services during the period damages occurred. In no event shall the Company be liable for any business interruption, special or consequential damages, loss or injury. If the client decides at any time that he/she/they no longer want to continue with a web design and development project, we shall consider cases individually in issuing a refund. However Veracle Solutions Limited cannot guarantee a full refund considering that resources have been expended thus far. Veracle Solutions Limited reserves the right to decline to do business with any client for any reason. Veracle Solutions Limited reserves the right to change these terms of service at any time for any reason, with or without prior notice. [Last Updated: 28th October, 2020]